Jam ‘n Gravy

Good food makes life just a little better. That is only part of the reason we were inspired to call our band Jam’n’Gravy. Both Jam and Gravy are condiments that can enhance and add to a meal. The world might not need another band to survive, but it can add a little more flavor, color, and fun to life. We hope you find the music we create to add a little more to your life.


For Janice, music is like air to her. Life wouldn’t be as full or as sweet without it. She is our musician, song writer, and arranges the music. She adds the pretty to life.


Creativity is essential to Jamin. He is our sound of reason, our technician, engineer, and scientist. He is our writer and lyricist. He makes our creations work and function.

Exploring the creative process.

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